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As the season is coming to an end, we remind each permit holder that

you must make a catch return by 30th November.

To make a catch return, please email us on

Include the following details

First Name

Last Name

Date of Birth

Did you catch any fish for 2023 season? YES or NO

If YES please include the follow details for each fish caught Salmon or Seatrout.

Species – Salmon or Seatrout

Weight in Lbs

Method used – Fly, Spin or Worm

Month Fish Caught - April - October

Area of river caught – 1 to 6

1. Tidal -Mouth of River to Pumping station “Gates”

2. Freshwater - Pumping station to Mobuoy Bridge

3. Mobuoy Bridge to 3 Mile Bridge

4. 3 Mile Bridge to Burntollet Bridge

5. Burntollet Bridge to McCandless

6. McCandless and upstream

Returned or Kept / Killed

We remind all permit holders that it is a requirement that a catch return be made, if no catch return made on time, you will be deemed to be in breach of fishery rules and will NOT be able to renew your permit for next year without reapplying.

We would also like to stress the need for accurate catch returns, the data that we receive from our anglers is vital to show the health of the fishery.

So, we ask that everyone complete the return accurately and include all fishes caught.

Failure to do so accurately may result in an angler being in breach of fishery rules.

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